Dinner with a view! Authentic Greek Cuisine in Zakynthos - A Culinary Journey

Target taverna is a famous local restaurant, offers a variety of menus with emphasis on Greek local cuisine and it‘s the right place if you wish to taste the traditional cuisine of Zakynthos and grilled dishes. Target Taverna is a popular local restaurant with authentic Greek cuisine. Located on the hill of Argassi in Zakynthos, it offers a variety of menus featuring traditional Greek dishes and grilled specialties and sea food options. From moussaka to souvlaki, each meal is prepared with locally sourced ingredients and Mediterranean flavors. The restaurant's inviting atmosphere complements its delicious fare, making it an ideal spot for a taste of Zakynthos. Whether you're enjoying lunch or a romantic dinner, the panoramic views add to the dining experience. For an authentic taste of the island, Target Taverna promises a memorable culinary journey in a welcoming setting.

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