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Argassi Zakynthos

Argassi is a popular resort town located on the southeastern coast of the Greek island of Zakynthos (also known as Zante).

Targat Taverna Located Argassi Zakynthos

Argasi is very close to Zakynthos town just 4 kms from the town centre. It's almost the south-west continuation of Zakynthos town with its natural bounds sprawling from the base of "Skopos" Mountain till the sea.Green land shelves gently and meets the sandy beach and the waves.Argasi resort can be reached easily and quickly as it is only 3 kms from the main port and 6kms from Zakynthos Airport.N
Argasi is the favourite holiday destination for the locals swimming and relaxation.In recent years Argasi has been impressively developed in one of the most outstanding holiday destinations for the foreign visitors of the island.

Argasi lives up to your expectations offering a combination of comforts so everyone can enjoy a unique experience during holiday. The visitor can find a wide range of shops he may wish for!Strolling around the main road there is a variety of shops with impressive shopfronts.Shops for basic household items and food as supermarkets,bakeries, greengrocers,gift shops,souvenir and jewellery shops,clothes and accessories shops are nearby ideal for all budgets and special tastes. In case of emergency on the central road ,there is a medical clinic and a pharmacy so that to provide first aid and health care services.

Targat Taverna Located Argassi Zakynthos
Targat Taverna Located Argassi Zakynthos

The resort of Argassi has developed around the beach here, and is now one of the most popular resorts on the island. The region of Argassi is compact and comfortable, with a great selection of amenities and shops all within easy reach of the beach. Argassi beach is easily accessible with parking available nearby. Being one of the larger tourist resorts on the island, there are plenty of facilities on Argassi beach to make you comfortable during your day at the beach in Zante. The Argassi beach is lined with tavernas and hotels where you can eat during the day and night. Many of the hotels have swimming pools right on the sea – so you can go between the sea and the pool throughout the day. Argassi has a beach that runs the whole length of the resort – offering golden sands and shallow turquoise waters. The beach offers many water sports too, so you can choose to either skim across the waves or relax under the sun all day! Argassi is a very lively tourist resort, very popular and usually crowded in the busy summer months of July and August. Numerous hotels, studios and rooms to let are available for accommodation in the resort and in the area around; they are open from May to October.

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